EICAR Test File Quick Reference Site

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This site is meant to provide quick access to the EICAR test file. Scroll down to learn more about this tool.



See the EICAR website for additional instructions.

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Please visit eicar.org for several pre-made file options.

What is the EICAR File?

The "EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File" was created to verify anti-virus and anti-malware software functionality without the risk of deploying a live virus to production equipment. You can read more about the development of the file on Wikipedia.

Why is this useful?

Running this file will (hopefully) trigger anti-malware alerts, which can be then be observed and adjusted as required. You (again, hopefully) test your UPS hardware, backups, and smoke alarms, right? Don't forget to test your antivirus and antimalware alerting!